Elements 5 Ayurveda & Physiotherapy, established in 2018, is a modern health care facility, drawing inspiration from the Vedic mythos of Five Elements. Founded by the Thottan Vaidyars family , Elements 5 combines three generations of tradition and expertise in Ayurveda & Physiotherapy to provide full spectrum healthcare services. Integrating the ancient Indian discipline of Yoga and Classical Dances, which are an inter connected form of exercises, Elements 5 provides holistic care and treatment for many.

Thottan Vaidyars family has a rich heritage in treatment and curing those ailing from physical and psychological illnesses. Thottan Vaidyars legacy has lived on through generations and Elements 5 lives up to their legend. Our therapeutic approaches are based on the system of five elements or Pancha Maha Bhoota, as it is known in Sanskrit. It holds that Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space are the essential elements that make up everything in this universe including the human body. Human conditions, states of wellness and illness are all dependant on the fine balance of inner organ systems amongst themselves and with the individual’s surroundings. We help you to recover, recuperate and rejuvenate your physical self and mind through the combination of traditional Indian systems of medicine with Yoga and Physiotherapy.

Thottan Devassy Vaidyar
1840 - 1930
Thottan Lonappan Vaidyar
1891 - 1925
Thottan Kochudevassy Vaidyar
1922 - 1992


Our customers always inspires us to excel at what we do. We are honest enough to admit and correct our shortcomings, and we take great pride in offering maximum satisfaction to our clients.