Established in 2018, Elements 5 Ayurveda & Physiotherapy, is a modern health care facility, founded by the Thottan Vaidyars family. Elements 5 draws inspiration from the Vedic mythos of Five Elements to provide full spectrum healthcare services. Integrating the ancient Indian discipline of Yoga and Classical Dances, which are an inter connected form of exercises, Elements 5 provides holistic care and treatment for many.

Ayurvedic Specialities

For about hundred years, Thottan Vaidyars have been pioneers in Ayurvedic medicine and treatment. Closely following the footsteps of our forefathers, Elements 5 provides a range of Ayurvedic treatments. A few of our specialities are mentioned here.

  • Panchakarma

    Panchakarma Detoxification

    Our Panchakarma detoxification is a five-step, total mind- body rejuvenation experience that comprises of herbal oil massages, steam baths, cleansing enemas, and other purifying practices.

  • Rasayana

    Rasayana Rejuvenation

    Rasayana rejuvenation is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy to restore the body's vitality to its fullest capacity. It is defined as any herb, food, or activity which bestows youthfulness and cures disease.

  • Stress

    Stress Management

    We make use of Ayurvedic practices to help in stress management by controlling a person's level of stress, especially chronic stress, for the purpose of improving everyday functioning.

  • Weight

    Weight Management

    Ayurveda is one of the most effective ways to proper weight management. It is achieved by means of diet interventions and supplementing with ayurvedic medicines. It is devoid of side effects.

  • Herbal Beauty

    Herbal Beauty & Skin Care

    Ayurvedic health care system, practiced for thousands of years before antioxidants were discovered by modern science, is well suited to reducing free radicals and keeping your skin young.

  • Wellness

    Wellness Retreat

    The ancient Indian system of medicine and treatment, Ayurveda, promises wellness and balance in life. The ‘science of life’ provides a holistic take on one’s life and its problems.

  • Monsoon

    Monsoon Rejuvenation

    Seasonal variations are understood to cause a range of emotional changes in human beings. Onset of Monsoon calls for an episode of rejuvenation at Elements 5.



Physiotherapy is a field in healthcare that, uses mechanical force and movements, manual therapy, and exercise therapy like Yoga, to remediate impairments and to promote mobility and functions. Through Physiotherapy, we aim to decrease physical pain, increase functional capacity, and to provide education on a maintenance program, to prevent recurring of such episodes.


Our customers always inspires us to excel at what we do. We are honest enough to admit and correct our shortcomings, and we take great pride in offering maximum satisfaction to our clients.